About Me

I am an actor, writer and digital marketer living and working in East Anglia in the UK. I write about my acting and digital marketing over on my acting blog.

I created this blog, as a place to experiment with my writing and let my creativity flow and hopefully for it to become a habit.

I love writing creatively from prompts as it's surprising what is hidden in the deep, dark, dusty corners of your subconscious. I'm introverted, as many writers are. I do sit alone with my scribbles, but I'm not a total recluse and I have been know to venture out to friendly writing groups every now and again.

I prefer scribbling in notebooks so most of what I write never makes it online. I carry a notebook around with me at all times. You can tell when I am not carrying my notebook because I will look as if I am slightly on the edge of panic, as if I am not quite sure what I am going to do if an idea pops into my head.


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