Day Twelve of My 500 Words

My 500 Words - Day 12: Lie

Marie Cooper Actor My500Words Challenge image of a dirty bucket

I wasn't going to write anything today. It's been a bad day. Trying to look for work is made even more difficult when bureaucratic monsters seem set to put obstacles in the way to success at every turning. I will write about it tomorrow as the next challenge is apparently to write what happened today, but let's just say that I am really not in a positive mood for writing today.

So, as I sat in bed, feeling negative and sorry for myself, and then annoyed at myself for feeling so uncharacteristically negative and sorry for myself, an idea popped in my head and I rushed down the stairs to grab my notepad and pen and wrote a few lines of monologue based on how I felt. 

Warning and apologies, it's a little horrific. But it's been a day of DWP stress and it fits today's challenge of telling a lie...and it released some of the tension and made me smile after I'd finished writing it. 

For those not accustomed to playwriting, brackets designate stage directions and/or extra details for the actor. 

It's Been a Bad Day

(Character is sawing through a slab of what appears to be a human leg and dropping the slabs into a bucket)

Oh!  (notices audience)

It's not what it looks like

(Realises can't hide it. Too late for that)

Oh, alright. It sort of is what it looks like. But I have my reasons.
It's not as if I've done it before is it?

Don't look at me like that! It's been a rough week is all. (carries on sawing)

What do you mean stop?

Calm you down. Putting your parts on isn't going to grow him a new one (laughs)

Grow a whole new person from a leg. Like snipping a cutting off a shrubbery (instantly stops laughing)

Oh, come on. It was a little funny. (Looks at back of audience) Somebody sniggered.


Like I said, it's been a tough week.

Ok! Ok! Do I look dangerous to you?

(Drops saw, covered in blood and bits)

You've got a point, but there really is no need for that 

(Goes to walk forward, but steps back)

Seriously! Put the gun down. Just... hear me out.

You would've done the same. I swear it.




Word count = 388 words


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